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Advanced git commands

I'm just going to store this here for my personal usage...


Resets state of branch to origin/branch. The --hard option throws away any changes, --soft only moves HEAD, keeping the changes.

git reset --hard origin/mybranch


Reverts certain commit. Allows saving "revert" as separate commit which keeps the changes it in the history. The -m option specifies which side of merge should be kept. 1 means parent branch (So for example if you want to revert feature branch merge into develop then 1 is keep develop changes).

git revert -m 1 commithash

Reverting last commit

git revert HEAD


Resolves conflicts by rebasing branch onto another branch. Has -i option which enters interactive mode that allows editing commit messages, squashing commits and other stuff.

git rebase -i develop

Push -u

When working on branch that doesn't have an upstream branch things can be made quicker with this command. Creates upstream branch with same name and pushes the changes into it.

git push -u

Must have pust.default current option set

git config --global push.default current